Photos of Redesigned WWE Title Leaked

Last week, WWE Champion CM Punk revealed that the WWE Title may be getting a long overdue overhaul. Now today, the above picture (from was leaked and WWE is neither denying or confirming that it indeed is going to replace the “Spinner” Belt.

If that is indeed the belt, I cant help but think it looks unfinished. Not much detail and maybe the rest of the belt will complete a look, but it just looks blah.

I do appreciate the fact that they are finally replacing the Spinner belt. It always seemed dumb when someone other than John Cena was champion considering the belt was made for him (the same way the “Smoking Skulls” belt was made for Stone Cold Steve Austin).

That said, my favorite belt of all time has to be the Winged Eagle belt that Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage fought over.

And there is a person out there who agrees with me. The guy who go this tattoo.

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  • I think its just a side plate

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