Rapper The Game Doesn’t Want The Heat to Win a Title, Because He Hates Chris Bosh’s Face

Sort of an odd thing to say.

Yes, Bosh does make a few strange facial expression before, during and after games, but never knew men based their allegiance to a team off another man’s facial features.

“I can’t f*ck with Chris Bosh anyway. I don’t like that n*gga. Nobody like’s this n*gga’s face, man. It ain’t even nothing against D-Wade and Bron-Bron, I don’t like Bosh’s face. I can’t have that n*gga get an NBA championship holding a trophy with that face.”

The Game is proving to be a better comedian than a Rapper these days.

The brothers are not having the best of weeks. Soft rappers and R&B singers throwing bottles like girls at each other in the club. Lil Wayne wearing Zebra PJs to game. Rappers dissecting other men’s faces.

Just all bad.