Report: Dwight Howard Changes His Mind Again, Wants to Stay in Orlando

Maybe, Dwight saw how his “Loyalty” shirts sales were in the tanked and had a change of heart……..


A source close to Orlando Magic All-Star Dwight Howard said Wednesday that he still loves Orlando and isn’t seeking a trade.

In an interview with WESH 2 News sports anchor Larry Ridley, the source said Howard is bothered by the hit his image has taken since this season’s trade rumors and problems with Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy.

The source said Howard is “hurt by all the negativity surrounding him (and) doesn’t understand why he’s blamed for everything that happens inside the (Magic) organization.”

Howard would have to be pretty dumb to not understand why he is being blamed for everything considering the majority of it is his own doing.

If he would just take a hard line stance one way or another, this could get settled. Either sign the long term deal or pack his bags.

He is just making everyone miserable, I would hate to go shopping with him, we would be in the store from 10am to close.