Richard Hurd The Man Accused of Extorting RG3 Dated Griffin’s Current Fiancee


When we gave you some exclusive details of what photos and videos Hurd was threatening to expose, we had the feeling that there was more to the story.

Why would Hurd a former Baylor Bear have against RG3?

Besides greed what was the other motive, since it is normally women who do these type of things not men. What was Hurd connection to Robert Griffin III?

After some investigation we have found out that Hurd is the Ex Boyfriend of RG3’s fiancee Rebecca Liddicoat.


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It all makes sense now.

Hurd obviously is salty that Liddicoat upgraded to a better athlete and decided to try to take it out on Griffin by trying to extort him.  What have I always told you was the #1 reason men get themselves in trouble?




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