Rihanna Has a Message For All The Lebron James Haters

Rihanna has a message for anyone who is a Lebron James Hater.

The message like most things with RiRi was pretty Blunt (you see what I did there).

Considering how many men she has all in their feelings I am going to go out on a limb and say she should know better than anyone about the above action.

Watch your back Savannah, I am just saying.

3 thoughts on “Rihanna Has a Message For All The Lebron James Haters

  • So because a bunch of BITCH MADE NIGGAS claimed they hit it, you still have to clown?? She gives LeBron a compliment in her OWN way and you have to find a way to turn the tables??

    Chuckles, your hatred for ALL BLACK WOMEN celebrity or not is SO BLATANT on this site, Allison Mathis, Jennifer from Basketball Wives, Pilar Sanders, Rihanna, Sivaughn Wade, ANY AND ALL BLACK WIVES OR BABY MOTHERS OF ANY ATHLETE, you go after them on the extra dramatical tip.

    Yet you USE this site to WORSHIP the biggest slut of them all Kim Kardashian!!! LMBAO!!! How many dicks has that trick had in ALL holes, huh?? Talk about that with your punkarse.

    Cannot wait until black women start a petition to begin talking to advertisers to get this site shut down PERMANENTLY.

  • Danielle, if Rob has anything against black women, YOU, just made his point, by fitting into the angry black woman stereotype. How is Kim Kardashian the biggest slut, she has no kids, she’s a single lady living her life. She’s free to date, and do what to whomever she pleases to do so with.

    The black women you just named are not good examples. As a matter of fact the women you named, are examples of women black women should petition not to represent them.

    This is coming from a black male, do you think it’s lady like to tell anonymous people to suck a dick. Say what you want about Kim K, but she’s not trying to get a baller, or whomever into trouble, or disparage his reputation, then ask him to pay off her bentley *cough* (Jennifer Williams BBW).

    Black women should petition angry, illogical black women, like you Danielle from speaking for them.

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