Rob Gronkowski Host Scantily Clad Pool Party In Vegas

As a former football player and athlete we all can remember that teammate that was the darling of our coaches eye.

That teammate that kinda had a different set of rules to abide by then the rest of team.   I know we all remember the excuses.  Stars get treated different,worry about yourself, and the most famous one that’s just Gronk being Gronk.

As a New England Patriot there is a certain way to carry yourself.   Its called “The Patriot Way.”

The Patriot Way is “Just having mental toughness, everyone doing their job,  ignoring the noise, and not embarrassing the team.”

New Dolphins wide receiver basically compromised himself to fit into Patriot Way.

Its seems tho that the darling of Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick’s eye is star tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Gronkowski fresh off of signing the richest contract in NFL history for a tight end celebrated by agreeing  to host the Hot 100 party at Wet Republic in Vegas this weekend as report by

Reports vary on whether or not the woman in attendance were topless, but the pictures show Gronkowski as usual loves to have his shirt off.

The one thing we must remember in the special treatment part of this is that Rob Gronkowski is an absolute beast on the field.  His work ethic and production speaks for itself.

Gronk may love to party, take his shirt off, and be around a ton of woman but when he gets between the lines he is all business.

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