Russell Westbrook Says He Isn’t Changing No Matter What Anybody Says

The question begs can you almost average a Triple Double in a NBA Finals and be the reason your team is tied at 1-1 and not up 2-0?

I present to you the curious case of Russell Westbrook.

Here is what Urkel had to say.

ABC analyst Magic Johnson said Westbrook had one of the worst performances for a point guard in the Finals that he’d seen, after the Heat built a 17-point lead in the first half of Game 2 en route to a 100-96 win, evening the series at 1-1.

“I’m not making no adjustments, regardless of what anybody says,” Westbrook said Saturday before the Thunder’s practice. “I’m going to play my game regardless of what happens.”

Westbrook is averaging what would seem like an impressive 27 points, eight rebounds and nine assists in the Finals, but it’s his 40 percent shooting on a team-high 50 shots in the first two games that’s garnered more ire. Kevin Durant, who is shooting a remarkable 57 percent in the Finals, has taken eight fewer shots.

The gift and the curse of Russell Westbrook is similar to a young Kobe Bryant. When Kobe was paired with Shaq he always had a problem with playing 2nd fiddle, Shaq didn’t help matters.

At times Kobe just couldn’t defer, the Lakers still won 3 titles, but you get the feeling they could have won more.

Kevin Durant unlike Shaq, has tried his best to massage Westbrook’s ego and it has worked so far. They are in the NBA Finals, so the combination is working.

If the Thunder lose, people will be looking for a scapegoat and it will be Westbrook. Some of it will be warranted and some of it won’t be.

The Thunder can’t win without him playing great, he has to bridge that gap between being Russell Westbrook and Stephon Marbury.

You don’t have to be John Stockton to be an effective point guard, but you have to be smart, read the situation and do what is best for the team.

If Westbrook does that he will have ring protection for life, if he doesn’t he will have a long summer of people blaming him for the Thunder’s failures.