Saints Fan Can Call Bounty Audio Tape Leaker Sean Pamphilon at 504-233-8730

Sean Pamphilon is the filmmaker who leaked the Bounty audio tapes of Greg Williams’ speech about taking out ACLs and going for the head.

He has been criticized for a lot of people, but he wants you to reach out and tell him how you feel because he says he hasn’t done anything wrong.

“I’ve been communicating with people who have not been happy with me,” Pamphilon said on the show. “I’d just like to declare myself as a human being and try to restore some sanity to the situation and let people know that I really love Steve (Gleason). I just want my motivations accurately depicted.”

Some callers said they believe Pamphilon’s motivation is to gain notoriety. Pamphilon maintained that it wasn’t his decision, but he did so at the urging of Brees, Fujita and the NFLPA.

“Scott (Fujita) tells me on April 3 that the NFLPA has said specifically to him if your filmmaker friend still wants to release this material, tell him ‘the sooner the better,’ ” Pamphilon said.

“Initially, the Gleasons did not want me to release this,” Pamphilon said. “But on April 3, the game changed, and it was my understanding that everybody was in concert with each other.”

Pamphilon believes the conflict arose when Gleason and Brees told him they wanted to read his essay about the tapes before it hit the news wires.

“They knew,” Pamphilon said. “They were OK with it. But when I wouldn’t let them vet my writing and do my job, that’s when things changed. I don’t get in the huddle and call plays for the Saints.”

Pamphilon noted he didn’t need the permission of Brees or Gleason legally but sought their blessing because he cared about them.

“I was offering Scott Fujita and Drew Brees non-disclosure agreements,” he said. “I wanted this to go away. I gave them every opportunity to make it go away, and they made a different choice. I was willing to get rid of all of this. I wasn’t looking for this.”

Saints fans feel free to give Pamphilon a call, he wants to hear from you.  Because he is a bigger attention whore than Kim Kardashian.