Saints Offering Drew Brees Close to $19 Million Per Year Contract

Brees wants over $20 million a year and while I am a proponent of getting every single dollar you can, I think if this offer is legit from the Saints he should take it.

It isn’t like he has been to 5 Super Bowls like Tom Brady, I think this is fair offer.

The New Orleans Saints have offered quarterback Drew Brees a multiyear deal worth close to $19 million-per-year, according to a report on Pro Football Talk, citing a source close to the talks. The source also told Pro Football Talk that Brees was seeking less than the $21 million-plus annual amount that had previously been reported. Brees said previously that the figures attributed to him by some sections of the media were overinflated. The two sides have until July 16 to work out a multiyear deal.