Seattle Sonics Fan Creates Special “Beat OKC” Miami Heat Logo

If we were to run a BlackSportsNation poll asking “Who are you rooting for in the NBA Finals?”, it is safe to say that most of the map would be Oklahoma Blue. Heck, even Florida would probably be blue because Lebron brought “his talents to South Beach”, not Ybor City or Tallahassee. But while everybody is jumping on the Oklahoma City Thunder bandwagon in a united show of Lebron hate, there is one group of fans that is probably not rooting for the Thunder.

Seattle Superonics fans.

Because of the way Oklahoma City has embraced the team and their rise as a premier franchise in the NBA, it is easy for people to forget that they were once in Green and Yellow.

So in an effort to remind people, the people over at @BringBackSonics posted the above logo which incorporates the classic Sonics skyline logo into the Miami Heat logo. Not sure who the exact creator of the logo is, but whoever it is gets a tip of the hat for a great look.

Miami should embrace their nWo side and put this on white shirts for the finals home games.

And if you think Seattle fans won’t really root against Oklahoma City, ask any Cleveland Browns 1.0 fans if they were happy when the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl.

But like the Browns, there is a very strong push to get the Seattle Sonics back into the league. @BringBackSonics is also reporting that the Mayor of Seattle is in New York meeting with David Stern to discuss a possible return to the Pacific Northwest.

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