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  • So….. Me being a Thunder Fan has nothing to do with this decision. But it does prove a point. I REFUSE TO SUPPORT THE BRING THE NBA BACK TO SEATTLE or BRING BACK OUR SONICS MOVEMENT!!!!! Why…. Seattle does not support us! LOCAL HIP-HOP!!!! RIGHT NOW…. In downtown Seattle they are rallying but also simultaneously slapping us (Hip-Hop), in the face by allowing Blue Scholars (Out of towners) to perform at the rally. I don’t remember seeing theses dudes anywhere. More importantly, Why isn’t acts like Dee.aLe, ILLIZM, Suntonio Bandanas, Blax Stacks, Vitamin D, Sir Mix-A-lot….. (Just to name a few outside of myself), performing? This shit sucks. Seattle ALWAYS supports out of towners before they support those that have been here from day one. We were Rocking Sonics jersey, hat’s, & Tee-Shirts BEFORE theses guys came to our city. Before they watched US & picked up a mic. I’m NOT HATING!!!! Just calling it how it is. So….. Since that’s how y’all wanna play it. I’ll support the team Called the THUNDER!!! The slap in the face that y’all feel by that is THE SAME as the one that we get when you support out of towners! I should go down to that rally RIGHT NOW in my THUNDER Jersey. And Dare a Mo Fo to day something!!!!! I’m the Prince of the 206, I can do that. WE should play like KRS ONE & Get PM Dawn (Blue Scholars) off the stage & let the REAL 206 Hip-Hopper rock the mic. But then we’ll be labeled as Violent or Haters. SMH….. I know A LOT of y’all wont agree with this but I care NOT! Since I/We (206 Hip-Hop) get’s more love from out of town & Seattle only gives Love to “Out of Towners”…… I’m giving my Love to the OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER!!!!!


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