Skylar Diggins Being Used to Lure Football Recruits to Notre Dame

Nothing unusual about using a pretty lady to get recruits interested in your program.

Everyone remembers Jesus Shuttlesworth recruiting trips from “He Got Game”, that wasn’t that far off from reality.   I am not mad at Brian Kelly for using Skylar Diggins, but it does show you that the mystique of Notre Dame isn’t what it once was.

Skylar Diggins is the face of women’s basketball. NFL players admit to crushing on her. And now she’s being considered the recruiting secret weapon for the struggling Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Later that evening, Diggins tweeted: “Just met a couple ND recruits … young men were very polite haha.”

A follower then replied to Diggins asking if she knew if Notre Dame coaches used her name as a recruiting tool.

I’ve done my fair share of recruiting,” Diggins responded.

Lil Wayne wasn’t available for comment.

One thought on “Skylar Diggins Being Used to Lure Football Recruits to Notre Dame

  • You referenced the movie He Got Game. That means you remember what the two white girls did to Jesus Shuttlesworth in an attempt to persuade him to go to that school. I wonder if Skylar is doing the same thing to Notre Dame recruits?

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