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Stripper Alexis Adams Arrested For Trying to Leak Nude Photos of Warriors HC Mark Jackson

by Robert Littal | Posted on Thursday, June 28th, 2012
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This must be the week of extortion in sports.

No need to mention that Mark Jackson has been married for 22 year, not like it matters or anything.

The shakedown scheme, which was foiled by the FBI with Jackson’s cooperation, resulted this week in the arrest of Alexis Adams, the former dancer, and her alleged coconspirator, ex-convict Marcus Shaw.

Adams, 28, and Shaw, 40, have been named in felony criminal complaints filed under seal in U.S. District Court in Oakland, California. The duo, whose relationship is unclear, is accused of trying to extort a six-figure payment from Jackson in return for them not disseminating/selling the explicit photos to the “vultures of the media.”

Jackson, who has been married for 22-years, met Adams while he was working as an announcer for the New Jersey Nets and she was dancing at a gentleman’s club in New York. Jackson was first approached by Shaw in April in Memphis.

The man–who Jackson later identified as Shaw–showed the NBA coach a “folder containing some of the compromising photos” and a CD that he said contained “recordings of voice mail messages” that Jackson “left for Adams during their affair.”

When Jackson asked what he sought for the photos and recordings, Shaw replied, “I want to be made whole.” Shaw, who claimed to have found the compromising material in a storage locker he had purchased for $3500, said he wanted money to fix his teeth and get his car out of an impound lot.

The crazy thing is Jackson actually paid $5000 before he got he police involved.  Like most criminals they got greedy and asked for $200k from Jackson and that is when he called the cops.

Obviously Jackson didn’t read the Cheating Commandments.

Did I mention that Mark Jackson is Pastor………….



Jackson apologized to his family, friends, the Warriors and church, quoting Bible: “What goes on in the dark will come out in the light.”

Sounds more like a stripper quote, but I digress.

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  1. LB says:

    Nobody’s a saint that’s for sure……

    • cxd says:

      Nothing and No One surprises me. Your Saint or Angel just ain’t who they say they are.

      With that, I’m off to the strip club and then go pick up my wife, kids, take them home and go visit my mistress (psyche)…….

  2. RSP says:

    Mark Jackson caught in vice. Hand down, Man down

  3. ELove says:

    LMAOOOOOO… I Do miss your site becuz YOU GOES IN (When NEEDED…)

    Mark is FRAUDULENT AS THEY COME and HIM Being A PASTOR just makes it EVEN WORST — IMO

    At Least She’s SMASH-Worthy (YUP…)

  4. immi grant says:

    She’s way too hot, I don’t blame MJ at all.

  5. boykalbo says:

    hahaha.. busted… tips… dont asked twice..

  6. Adria says:

    You still wanna sow your wild oats? Don’t get married!

  7. uhnoneemus says:

    I knew Alexis, and she definitely was the craziest bitch I’ve ever know. I don’t even know why Mark Jackson paid her that, I spoke with the both of them years ago and this bitch is still extorting him. mark jackson’s wife is a gospel singer and is very aware of miss adams tactics and schemes and has chosen to stand by her man. just to be clear, this isn’t something that has continued. alexis is crazy and over a course of 5 years has been trying to extort the man with the same old pics and the same ol messages. also tried to go on the wendy williams show n got shut down. nobody gives a damn about mark jackson’s old ass… give it up bitch.

    • Mr Kardashian says:

      You DID NOT KNOW HER…….. Where are u getting this information from???? Now everyone is gonna know her! i can count on one hand the amount of FRIENDS she has.. So if KNEWher means that you weren’t her friend them and you are NOT now.. so Silence would be BEST! Sounds like a real LIFE Hater is on the other side of the comment.. LOSER….. She’s not even famous and y’all DICK RIDING.. at least she can now say she feels a CELEB. to have NON FACTOR BITCHES TALKING HER NAME!!!!! LEXIE ITS ON!!!!!!!

  8. miamiQT says:

    I know Miss Adams from High School and I am Shocked by this! She used to wear glasses and pony tails until senior year then she got a perm and it was on. She began hair modeling and we assumed she was a model for years. Thought she was a video/hair model and dating rappers, shocked she actually was stripping and involved in this kind of foolery but time and $$ changes people!

  9. Mr Kardashian says:

    Miami Cutie shut the fuck up!!! She was always fine in High School. She still wears glasses and came from a family where MONEY WASN’T A PROBLEM! So money hasn’t changed her…she is still as humble as she was then… Never permed her hair because SHE GOT IT LIKE THAT…… SOMEONE SOUNDS JUST A BIT JEALOUS!!! STAY UP LEXIE U AND I KNOW THAT U NEVER TOOK YOUR CLOTHES OFF FOR $$$.. But simply kept them on and dues still thru MONEY AT YOU!!!!

  10. Ben Hammond says:

    Apparently the incriminating evidence was “found” in a storage locker in Atlanta. Believable?

  11. Adrian says:

    What the hell does being a pastor have to do with anything. They are only scam artists themselves perpetrating that god fraud on everyone

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