Tarvaris Jackson Still The #1 QB in Seattle Over Matt Flynn

When you bring in a QB with little starting experience and give him a huge contract either he is going to exceed expectations and prove all he needed was an opportunity or………

He ends up being a Kevin Kolb.

So, far Matt Flynn is showing Kolb like tendencies.

Quarterback Matt Flynn, who had a couple outstanding games as the Packers backup before embarking on the second-most interesting free agent tour of the offseason, signed a cool $26 million contract ($10 million guaranteed) with the Seahawks in the offseason. Presumably, he was going to beat out last year’s starter, Tarvaris Jackson, (and, ahem, third-round draft pick Russell Wilson) to be the No. 1 guy in Seattle.

So far, that’s not working out like Flynn would like.

ESPN’s John Clayton reported Sunday that, when the team enters training camp, Jackson will be the one to take No. 1 reps. Furthermore, Clayton said Flynn simply hasn’t been impressive to his new coaching staff.

“[Flynn] hasn’t wowed anybody in all the offseason program,” Clayton said, via rotoworld. “… It’s still gonna be a three-way competition. Because of that, Flynn’s going to have to pick things up and wow everybody or at least take control of it during camp. He’s not done it yet.”

Still early, but something to keep your eye on.