Terrell Owens’ Baby Mama Melanie Paige Smith Says T.O. Sent Her Trash Talking Texts

I am going to side with T.O. on this one.

The texts he sent are not threatening, he is just pointing out that his child support payments are being lowered and she should expect the same.


Stop trying to live your life off money that is suppose to be for your child.

Randall M. Kessler, an Atlanta-based attorney for Melanie Paige Smith, filed an amendment to petition for contempt Wednesday in Superior Court of Fulton County (Ga.), Family Division.

In the amendment, Kessler offers evidence of Owens’ “willful and egregious contemptuous actions, over and above the nonpayment of child support” and cites two text messages Owens sent Smith.

One of the texts cited reads: “The other mothers got a dose of reality once my attorneys and judge explained by (sic) financial situation. … so you can only imagine wht’s gonna happen when we go 2 court.”

Owens is paying $5k a month to Ms. Paige and to be honest based on his current situation that is too much. Yes, T.O. needs to be more involved in his kids lives, but the women need to understand he is no longer in the NFL and can’t keep leeching off him.

Update that resume and try being independent for once in your life.