Terrell Owens Nude Photos Being Shopped Around Internet

These guys simply will never learn.

You can’t just be sending Lil T.O. to every single girl that you come across. I don’t understand how it continually happens when they have to see all the other athletes who have been exposed in the past.

Terrell Owens has great hands … just ask Terrell Owens … who’s now at the center of a XXX photo situation involving some VERY graphic images featuring himself … with himself.

TMZ has learned … someone is shopping several pictures to various media outlets … but no, you won’t be seeing them here.

The woman shopping the pics claims the two met on Twitter … and after several conversations, the two went to Skype, where they engaged in a cyber-sexual relationship … and apparently, the women snapped a few action shots for good measure.

Of course they met on Twitter.

Once again I need every single man specially athletes to read this.


There is a chapter on Social Media.

3 thoughts on “Terrell Owens Nude Photos Being Shopped Around Internet

  • Hey!, come closer………..

    T.O is probably profiteering off of those photos!


    • LMAO!……I wouldn’t be surprised……after all he could use the money….lol…child support is a bytch

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