Thunder Fans Already Burning Kevin Durant’s Jersey

Series isn’t over OKC Fan.

Yes, we all know the stat. 30 teams have been down 3-1 in the NBA Finals and all 30 have went home losers, but the great thing about stats are that they can always been changed.

Doesn’t matter if it takes one year or 100 years, someone will eventually come back from 3-1. The Thunder should be thinking they are going to be that team.

People get on Heat fans for being bandwagon jumpers, but to be burning your star players jersey and the series isn’t even over is about as fairweather of a fan you can be.

Even if it was over, this is Kevin Durant we are talking about who has been nothing but the consummate professional in representing the Thunder and Oklahoma City.

Then again the guy is wearing an Atlanta Braves hat, so he is probably a fake OKC fan hanging out in Atlanta, since they don’t support the Hawks.

Could also be a Miami Heat fan who think we have forgotten how they broke both ankles jumping off bandwagon in Pacers and Celtics series.

One thing is clear whoever they are displaying clown like behavior.

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