Tim Bradley Watched the Tape & Says He Beat Manny Pacquiao

Several people said that Tim Bradley said to them before the scorecards were read that he lost the fight, once it was announced he won the fight, he said he would have to review the tape before coming to his final conclusion.

This is what he came up with.

Even thought he is lying what do you expect him to say?

There have been calls for him to give his belt back to Pacquiao, I strongly disagree with that. Bradley didn’t do anything wrong and he was given the decision. Yes, it was a gift, but out of his control.

Wasn’t like he held the judges at gun point and told them to screw Manny Pacquiao. If I find $100 on the ground it isn’t my job to find out who dropped it, I found it and it is rightfully mine.

Bradley didn’t “steal” anything he was given a gift and is within his rights to take it. I would do the same thing especially if I was staring at a $10 million payday for the rematch.

Bob Arum is blowing a lot of smoke about an investigation that he knows isn’t going anywhere. Even if judges are punished they won’t change the decision an Arum knows that.

So, like it or not you will be getting a rematch on November 10th.