Tony Parker May Miss Olympics With Eye Injury From Drake v. Chris Brown Bottle Brawl

Tony Parker is suing the club for $20 million for being hit in the eye with a flying bottle during the Drake vs. Chris Brown brawl.

While he probably won’t get that much, he might have a case that in the short term the injury caused a major problem in his professional life.

It could keep him out of the Olympics.

Dreams money can buy. It looks like the real losers of the Drake vs. Chris Brown beef is none other than France point guard Tony Parker.

Caught in the middle a night club scuffle between Toronto born hip-hop artist Drake and R&B singer Chris Brown, Parker and France’s opportunity of making any noise at the summer Olympic showcase is in serious jeopardy.

The San Antonio Spurs guard was injured in a New York nightclub 10 days ago and said he eventually had to undergo surgery to have a shard of glass removed from his eye, which he was at risk of losing.

Parker had expected to be back training after a week-long rest but said on Sunday he was still sidelined and may have to withdraw from the London Games.

Parker say the Spurs and doctors will make final decision if he plays or not.


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