Video Exposes Jim Lampley’s Bias Towards Manny Pacquiao While Shortchanging Tim Bradley


One thing should be made clear.

The creator of the video doesn’t say that Tim Bradley won the fight, that isn’t what this video is about. This video shows two things very clearly.

1- Jim Lampley has an obvious bias for Manny Pacquiao

2- Tim Bradley wasn’t as bad as everyone was making him out to be.

I gave 4 rounds to Tim Bradley when I scored the fight and there was one more that could have went his way. That would have led me to the 115-113 score one of the judges had for Pacquiao.

To be fair 2 of the rounds I gave to Bradley were rounds that could have easily went to Pacquiao, so people who had it 118-110 for Pacquiao made sense as well.

The point is it would be very hard to find 7 rounds to give to Bradley. Pacquiao was robbed, but if you listen to Lampley it was at gunpoint, when in reality it was probably just at knife point.

This isn’t a new occurrence, I wrote about this type of bias from Lampley in 2007 during the Oscar De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather fight.

This is something that casual boxing fans and even someone like myself should be aware of when we are watching at home.  It is very easy to get distracted and be influenced by announcers, don’t let it happen.

Watch the video, trust me it will be worth your while.


  1. Please Bradley only won two rounds. And, in those two rounds Pacquiao was never in danger and could have been given those rounds. It wasn’t as close. Please don’t try to make an excuse for Bradley and those judges.

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