Vince Young Having Hard Time Picking Up Bills Offense, Roster Spot in Jeopardy

It is never good when it isn’t a secret source that is saying you aren’t picking up the offense, but your head coach.

Even worse when your head coach says that it puts your behind in a competition where only one backup quarterback will be kept.

Even while saying he’s satisfied with how quarterback Vince Young has looked so far, Bills coach Chan Gailey admitted Young is having trouble picking up his offense.

Making it worse for Young is the fact everyone else there is caught up. Fitzpatrick and all the meaningful skill position players have been in the system since Gailey arrived.

Gailey also admitted that background gives quarterback Tyler Thigpen, in his second year with the Bills, an advantage in the battle for the backup job.

Young is more talented than Tyler Thigpen, so in the end that is why he might stick around, but some teams prefer backup quarterbacks to be more like assistant coaches.

Vince better him them books instead of the club.