Vladimir Guerrero 8 Kids by 5 Woman, $300k a Year in Child Support, But Says He is Good


Vlad was always a free swinger.

A new paternity lawsuit filed by Heidy Ogando required Guerrero to reveal his finances — and turns out he has 8 children with 5 different women … and shells out $25,621 a month in child support.

Here’s how it breaks down:

Baby Mama #1 (1 kid): $5,237
Baby Mama #2 (1 kid): $3,214
Baby Mama #3 (2 kids):$1,655
Baby Mama #4 (2 kids): $3,465
Heidy as listed in the suit (2 kids): $12,050

The good news is that Vlad says he is chilling on $25 million in the back, so he doesn’t mind paying out of the cash.


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