Warren Sapp Thinks The Cleveland Browns are Poised for Super Bowl Run

The thing about the NFL is that if the stars are aligned properly a team can come out of nowhere to get to the Super Bowl.

But, I will explain why Warren Sapp is way off base as usual after you hear what he has to say about the Cleveland Browns.

Sapp said the Browns are putting the pieces together to make a Super Bowl push.

“They have a quarterback now, they have a running back- in (Trent) Richardson and they have (Brandon) Weeden–this is what you need to jump start your franchise. There’s no more fumbling on the one-yard line, there’s no more ‘Drive’ for you to cry over. It’s the Cleveland Browns, they’ll be next.”

Warren is speaking about teams that have never won a Super Bowl, but his theory is flawed since running backs are not a key component in winning a championships.

The Giants ranked last in rushing last year and Maurice Jones Drew lead the league in rushing, so Trent Richardson will definitely help, but not be the reason they make it to a Super Bowl.

Secondly, the assumption that Brandon Weeden is a franchise quarterback is flawed. Until you see the quarterback in live game action you can’t say they have their quarterback.

The Bengals and Panthers have their quarterback, because we have seen them play and execute. Warren once again just talking loud and saying nothing.