Adam Morrison Gets MVP Chants at Summer League

Some people love Summer League. They get really into analyzing the young (and in this case old) players and what not. It simply isn’t my thing, while it is organized, it is junior varsity basketball.

I think most media just like to cover it because it is in Vegas. If you could get your news organization to pay for 10 days in Vegas wouldn’t you act like you cared Adam Morrison was putting on a show?

The NBA Summer League has unfortunately come to a close after ten wonderful days in a location that some refer to as Sin City. Fortunately it went out with a bang, though — complete with requisite MVP chants for Adam Morrison.

The league’s actual MVP honors went to Portland Trail Blazers rookie Damian Lillard and second-year Memphis Grizzlies guard Josh Selby, but Morrison was pretty impressive, too.

“The game can be taken away from you pretty quick,” Morrison told The No Look Pass after the game. “I’m lucky that they gave me a chance to come out here and play.”

And he’s lucky he ran with the opportunity, too, considering he averaged 20 points and five rebounds through his five Summer League games while shooting an impressive 62 percent from the field.