Adrien Broner Fake Proposes to His Girlfriend Arie Nicole After TKO Win (Video)

Most sports if you are über talented that is enough to make you into a superstar.

Derrick Rose’s personality isn’t going to Rakim anyone, meaning move the crowd, but before he was injured at least he was a very good player and that was enough.

In a sport like Football where they wear helmets on the field,  their performances is what springboards a player to stardom, it helps if you have a little personality, but everyone can’t be Chad Ochocino.  Someone like Victor Cruz used his performance to become a celebrity.

In boxing it is different.

You can have all the skills in the world, but if you are boring, you will be hard press to become a superstar.  Chad Dawson is one of the most talented boxers around and no one outside of boxing fans know who he is.  Because he is boring and his style is bland.

So, you take a guy like Adrien Broner.  Who has the skills, but then has this over the top Ochocincoish style personality and everyone sees big dollar signs in his future.

He wasn’t professional coming in over weight for his fight with Escobedo, but it helped the hype for the fight.  Then in the fight he took care of business like he has in all of his fights.

But, it is what happened after the fight which has people still talking today.

Broner already has 4 kids (he is only 22), so we know in some regard his decision-making is flaw. It is unclear if this woman has any, all or none of those kids, but she was trolled hard last night.

But, in the end it is good for boxing (bad for her), because this is the type of showmanship that boxing needs to thrive.

Plus if she does have any of Broner’s kids trust me she will get last laugh.

3 thoughts on “Adrien Broner Fake Proposes to His Girlfriend Arie Nicole After TKO Win (Video)

  • Really?? This is the “type showmanship boxing needs to thrive”? Because, all along I thought boxing needed good, non-overpriced fights.

  • What a joke for an article. Watch it again, she was clearly in on it and knew it was staged. I guess it fooled one idiot!!!!

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