Andre Rison Sentenced to 5 Years Probation & Ordered to Pay $300k in Back Child Support

There was a Bad Moon Rising in court today.

I am petty sure that Andre Rison doesn’t have $300k, but he better come up with it so he doesn’t end up in jail.

Former NFL receiver Andre Rison was sentenced on Monday in federal district court in Phoenix to five years’ probation and more than $300,000 in restitution for not paying child support.

The Arizona Republic reports that the indictment accused Rison of failing to pay more than $10,000 between August 2008 to August 2011.

The indictment says the due date for his payments had passed about three years ago. Court documents say his 13-year-old child lived in Phoenix at the time the payments were due.

A federal official says Rison also is expected to continue monthly child support payments of close to $2,350.

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