Nuggets Quincy Miller Breaks Deiondra Sanders’ Heart; Leads to Twitter Venting

Prime’s daughter needs your help.

It appears that a 2nd round draft pic has messed up pretty bad and has her wavering on if you can find TRUE LOVE, before I answer that Deiondra pours her heart out on Twitter.

Deiondra is known for having quite possibly the greatest Twitter rant of all time when she went in on her step mother Pilar Sanders, but this is a little different and I am here to help.

The first thing that Deiondra needs to do is read this….

The 10 Commandments For the Cheating Athlete

Deiondra was dating 2nd round draft pick Quincy Miller.  Miller who a good player at Baylor who made a bad decision to come out of school too early.  2nd round picks don’t have guaranteed contracts and many are cut before the season starts and end up playing with the Birmingham Ballers of the Z league. No one was checking for Miller while he was at Baylor, but Twodels are dumb and just assume anyone who is wearing a NBA cap is making a lot of money and a star.  In turn you have a lot of young players that let their egos get out of control.

All athletes are going to cheat doesn’t matter if they are dating the daughter of the greatest cornerback of all time.

It appears Deiondra is what I like to call a “Hard Lover”, when she falls she falls deep. Can’t be like that in 2012. Have to stop listening to all of that Drake.  You can only be disrespected if you are allow it.

She is an attractive young lady (might want to check these pics out), so there is no reason she shouldn’t have multiple options herself.  Probably could get some 1st round draft picks attention if she wanted to.

She probably won’t like this article, but if she thinks about she will see that I am right. In relationship you are either the dunker or the one getting dunked on.

Right now Deiondra is Kendrick Perkins and Miller is Blake Griffin.

It will be ok, we all get dunk on from time to time, get back in the gym and just tighten up the D.  He is just a 2nd round pick love.

Fellas this would be a good time to make a claim if you are interested.