Atlanta Residents Upset With Proposed Street Named After Cam Newton


How does Cam Newton Drive sound? To every Carolina Panther fan, especially in Charlotte NC, like a dream come true? Hate to be a Debbie downer but us Carolinians have yet to be so lucky, but Atlanta on the other hand has.

Marc Sessler of reports that Atlanta residents of Fulton county are not pleased with the suggestion. The residents have brought up the many trails Cam Newton has been involved in such as soliciting money by his father from the University in the attempts to recruit Cam as well as 2008 arrest for theft.

Newton, who was a graduate of Westlake High School, has been argued for by the commissioner Bill Edwards said that Newton has been an example of someone who has “beat the odds”. Another hearing on the matte takes place Tuesday night.

Falcon Fans aren’t having that.



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