Brett Favre To Coach High School Football in Mississippi

It is not uncommon for retired athletes to go back to the high school level to coach and share what they have learned, but rarely do you hear about a star the magnitude Brett Favre going that route. Even throughout the whole “will he / won’t he” retirement saga (which Dwight Howard has somehow managed to make seem pleasant) Favre has always seemed like he was about helping the kids. Now he will be joining the staff at Oak Grove High School in Hattiesburg, near Favre’s hometown of Kiln, Mississippi.

The details from AP writer David Brandt

The Biloxi (Miss.) Sun-Herald reported that Favre, 42, is expected to be the offensive coordinator. Oak Grove head coach Nevil Barr told the AP he has talked about a possible role for Favre on the coaching staff, though a job title hasn’t been defined. Favre has helped at Oak Grove in an unofficial capacity in previous years.

Despite his indecisiveness and often diva attitude, Favre always played the game with a youthful exuberance so maybe that will translate well to a younger group. Even if he turns out to be a figurehead, it will probably help bring more people to the games and raise more money for the school. As a high school teacher myself, I can tell you that having Antrel Rolle as an alumni has greatly benefited the football program and the school.