Broncos DJ Williams Kept Submitting Fake Urine to Pass NFL Drug Tests

Williams has been fighting his six game suspension for PEDs for awhile. One thing that happens when you take cases like this to court all of your dirty laundry gets aired out.

I am curious how Williams will explain this way.

Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams was suspended for the first six games of the upcoming season after failing a drug test last year. Williams has been fighting the suspension all the way up to a federal appeals court.

The Denver Post has the details, and they’re sadlarious.

Back in August of 2011, Williams had a “random” drug test sprung on him. As he was in something called the “intervention stage” of the NFL’s substance abuse program, he expected his urine to be tested for recreational drugs. It was, but it was also tested for performance enhancing drugs. This is an important distinction, because the PED test turned up something the drug test isn’t designed to show: the absence of normal, human hormones in Williams’s urine.

The lab concluded that Williams’s sample contained either synthetic or non-human urine, designed to beat a test for recreational drugs.

Williams provided a second sample in September—it was also concluded to be non-human urine.

At a third test in November piss hit the floor. While giving his sample, Williams dropped a “clear, opaque” bottle from his waist area. The specimen collector says Williams kicked the bottle towards his locker. Because specimen collectors are not allowed to enter the locker room, a trainer was told to fetch the bottle. The trainer returned with a brown bottle, one that looked nothing like the one the collector had seen fall.

I thought only people who were trying to get jobs at Walmart did stuff like this?

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