Broncos Elvis Dumervil Threatened Motorist With Gun in Road Rage Incident Leading to Arrest


How stupid can someone be?

You would think after the many incidents involving athletes and guns, they would be smarter, but every week it is another case of an athlete not using his brain.

Exhibit A….Broncos Elvis Dumervil.

Some details about what led to Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil’s arrest in Miami over the weekend have come to light.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post had a look at the police report which describes a scene of road rage that tipped over into an arrest. Dumervil and another man were driving on Collins Avenue in Miami on Saturday afternoon when a white Impala cut them off and witnesses said that led to horn blowing and verbal threats from Dumervil’s vehicle. Dumervil and the other man, Andy Auguste, are accused of then approaching the Impala when traffic stopped and lifting up their shirts to display firearms.

Police were called and they caught up to Dumervil’s car while it was still stopped in traffic. Officers asked Dumervil if there was a gun in the car, he said no and a search of the glove compartment turned one up. Dumervil and Auguste were both arrested at that point.

I wish there was a Hologram version of Fred Sanford, that could go up to Dumervil and say…


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