Browns T.J. Ward Involved in Argument Outside Club, Pepper Sprayed for His Troubles (Video)

These fights always start the same way.

TJ Ward was probably trying to tell everyone he was TJ Ward from the Cleveland Browns and no one cared because he is just TJ Ward.

Throw in some liquor, women and testosterone and you have Ward looking like a fool in the streets.

TMZ obtained footage of an extremely pissed of Ward leaving Greystone Manor in Hollywood around 2AM … in fact, his friends were trying to restrain the NFL player … while another group of people restrained the man was beefin’ with.

It’s unclear why the two men were charged up … but minutes after they spilled into the street, a couple of men in uniform, who appear to be private security officers, followed the group into the street brandishing pepper spray in an effort to break up the situation.

At one point, one of the men discharged his spray … and the mist actually hit our camera guy in the face.