BSO Dollarnaire Paid Fantasy Football League Spots Are Available..Details


I don’t know if you have notice I am very chilled and relaxed about most things. Fantasy Football isn’t one of those things.


I am the self proclaimed greatest fantasy football player of all time coming off a season where I won 4 championships (out of 7 leagues). So if you are going to be in the BSO league you need to meet the following requirements.

1- Be an experienced fantasy football player
2- Be available for the draft 9pm EST August 29th
3- Play the entire season regardless of record
4- Keep up rosters for the entire season
5- Be active within the league (with trades and transactions)

If you meet these five requirements you can submit to be in the league. 11 spots are available and it is first come first serve.

$100 Entry Fee ($900 1st place, $150 2nd place, $50 3rd place).  This is big money league, so if you scared stop reading now.


QB, RB, RB, WR/RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, DEF, K ..7 bench players and 1 IR spot

It is an ESPN league, so you need an ESPN account.

If interested email [email protected] to get your cornbread taken


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