Cardinals Teammates Prefer John Skelton Over Kevin Kolb

I have a strong dislike for unnamed sources, but I am not surprised by this.

Former NFL linebacker Willie McGinest, who now works at NFL Network, said on Total Access that he has friends on the Cardinals and that they’ve told him they prefer Skelton over Kolb.

“Talking to some of my buddies down there, it seems like they’re gravitating toward Skelton a little bit more,” McGinest said.

McGinest suggested that other players in the locker room admire the way Skelton has worked his way up from being a 2010 fifth-round pick to having a chance to start, whereas Kolb had a big contract and the starting job handed to him last year.

Point black Skelton played better than Kolb last season and if Kolb didn’t have the big contract, Skelton would probably already have the job.

If Skelton outperforms Kolb, he should be the starter.

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