Carlos Mejia Stabbed Three People Over Air Jordan Olympic Sneakers (Video)

Even when I was younger, I didn’t understand the fascination with sneakers. I get he culture behind it, because it is no different from Comic Book guy or Star Wars guy, but the violence I never understood.

They are just shoes.

But, continually you see people getting stabbed, robbed, shot and killed over sneakers, makes no sense at all. This time it was over some retro Olympic Air Jordans.

Senseless and they aren’t even that good-looking of a sneaker, but I digress.

One thought on “Carlos Mejia Stabbed Three People Over Air Jordan Olympic Sneakers (Video)

  • While I understand your disdain with the act, are you truly unable to comprehend why someone would be violent concerning the shoes?

    Jordan’s=social status. Social status=acceptance. Acceptance=something to kill over.

    When you don’t have much to lose, you’re more inclined to simply harm or hurt another to get what you believe is invaluable.

    The only reason why all of us aren’t out knifing individuals for what we want is because we actually have something to live for outside of a County Prison.

    However, thanks for sharing. Love what you’re doing with the site, I had a dream just like it once, but decided to take my talents to a courtroom! Keep up the great work!

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