Cavs Won’t Trade for Andrew Bynum Without Commitment, Magic Still Waffling

The Dwight Howard situation is like a Young and the Restless storyline that needed to be wrapped up months ago. Only so long Jack and Victor can fight.

For every positive step that is taken, the deal hits numerous roadblocks.

Here are a few more.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are eager partners in the three-way blockbuster trade talks to send Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers, but won’t proceed until the Lakers grant the them permission to talk to All-Star Andrew Bynum and his agent about the center’s willingness to sign a contract extension, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Cleveland will only do the deal if Bynum extends,” a league official directly involved in the talks told Yahoo! Sports.

Los Angeles wants the structure of a three-team deal agreed in principle before letting Cleveland take that next step to communicate with Bynum and his representatives – and that won’t happen until Orlando makes a decision that it wants to also lock-in the framework of a trade, sources told Y!

So far, Orlando has shown a level of indecisiveness in the talks, sources involved in the negotiations said.