Cedric Benson Literally Cries Over No Team Signing Him

Can’t be surprised by this because Cedric Benson cried when he with the 4th pick in the NFL Draft, said he felt he wasn’t being treated fairly during the process.

He can be a little emotionally unstable at time and his many run ins with the law gives credence to the notion he can be a bit of a head case.

He doesn’t understand why a team hasn’t picked him up yet. His emotional nature might be one of the reasons.

The veteran running back was on Sirius XM NFL Radio Tuesday with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon and things took a turn toward the emotional as he talked about not having a place to play in 2012. Benson got choked up and admitted to tearing up while talking about how much he wants to continue his career. When the hosts asked why he thought he was unsigned, Benson wasn’t able to come up with an answer.

“I have no idea. I’m at a loss for words,” Benson said.

He seemed to hit the nail on the head later in the interview, though. Benson strongly intimated that he wasn’t willing to sign a one-year contract for the veteran minimum because he feels his production warrants a bigger payday.

Don’t know why he is crying, he has been offered deals and turned them down. Yes, he has been productive, but if you want to stay in the league you might have to make a sacrificial for their veteran minimum.

Cold world.