Charles Barkley Says NBA More Talented Than NFL

I came across this blasphemy today…. From an interview at NFL Network, Barkley said the best candidate to go from the NBA to NFL was not Lebron James but Russell Westbrook, claiming that Westbrook would be a great wide receiver, running back, and/or corner. He went on to say to Warren Sapp:

“Football is one of my favorite sport, that and boxing. They are the toughest guys in the world but they don’t have any talent compared to basketball players”

Im going to be bias, cause Im a die hard NFL fan, I’ll take a Sunday of hard hits, touchdowns, concussions, and Cam Newton any day over a NBA game. Which do you guys prefer?


4 thoughts on “Charles Barkley Says NBA More Talented Than NFL

  • I think the answer is clear. Average college basketball players like D McNabb, J Peppers, T Gonzalez, and J Graham are/were elite NFL players.

  • The NBA probably has more athletic and skilled guys across the board mainly because they don’t have players that are linemen size that are 260lbs plus and under 6 feet tall. Most NBA guys (with the exception of centers) need to be very skilled with the basketball in some way, fast/quick, and have some decent jumping ability to succeed in the league. On the flip side, most O-linemen only need to be strong and possess decent footwork so I think you could only compare NFL skill position players against NBA players. With all that said, just because guys like Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose can dominate on the hardwood doesn’t mean they would necessarily dominate on the gridiron. Football involves collisions for 3 hours and it’s not a given that most of those skilled NBA players would be able to take or dish out hits for that long every Sunday.

  • At the end of the day, they ALL end up with oversized hearts and arthritis….

  • Soooo. Just because you can get a concussion and hit hard that means your athletic. Lol. Ok.

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