Cris Carter Calls Calvin Johnson The Most Dangerous Weapon In Football

It seems Chris Carter has had a change of heart.

Carter  essentially dissed  All Pro wide receiver Calvin Johnson last season after leaving  Megatron off his list of elite receivers.

Well after a monster season by Johnson and a huge new contract, Carter has basically admitted he made a mistake. reported today that Carter was asked on ESPN’s NFL Live to name the top duo or combination in the  NFL.

Without hesitation Carter named the Detroit Lion’s Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson.

Carter even went further and elaborated on his comments.

“When you have a young quarterback, under the age of 25, coming off a 5,000-yard season, and you have the most dangerous weapon in the National Football League in Calvin Johnson, that’s why, this duo, to me, is the absolute best,” Carter said. “Franchise quarterback with the No. 1 big-play wide receiver in the NFL.”

Carter took alot of heat for comments regarding Johnson.

His comments were a bit understandable because for all of Johnson talent and numbers, they just recently just started to equate to wins and praise for the formerly lowly Detroit Lions.

We’ll see how Megatron responds with a new deal and a boat load of pressure on him.