Chris Paul Says He Will Play Out Season and Then Review His “Options”..Melo Smiles

The masterplan for the Knicks back in the day was to pair Chris Paul with Carmelo Anthony, once Lebron James took his talents to South Beach.

A lot of that plan fell apart, but now there is a some hope since CP3 says he is not going to sign any extension with the Clippers and will test free agency.

Knicks fans, you have received a glimmer of hope as Paul rejected an extension that would have kept him in Los Angeles for three more seasons.

“I know why I didn’t sign my extension,” Paul said on Sunday before the U.S. Olympic team practiced. “I’m going to play this season out and see what my options are.”

According to the Frank Isola of the NYDailyNews:

Paul wouldn’t entirely rule out ending up in a Knicks uniform and neither would Anthony, who smiled when asked about Paul’s future prospects.

Paul is in the exact same situation that Deron Williams was in.

He can make the most money by staying with the Clippers, but there is no guarantee that he will.

2 thoughts on “Chris Paul Says He Will Play Out Season and Then Review His “Options”..Melo Smiles

  • Come on Rob, I’m a clipper fan (obviously so I had to respond, Chris Paul isn’t going to play for the Knicks and he’s only holding out because he can get way more money to sign later on and wait. Going to new York would mean less money, a terrible team, and yes it has come to this, but the clippers are a better situation than the Knicks, so this new York thing isn’t going to happen, period

  • YEAH DUDE FUCK THAT hes gonna stay as a clippers and Knicks<Clippers why the hell would he go there…

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