Commissioner Roger Goodell Files Motion to Dismiss Defamation Lawsuit

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has responded to Jonathan Vilma’s lawsuit by filing that his claim be dismissed on the grounds that it doesn’t fall within the procedures under the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement.

Vilma’s original claim was his suspension is without basis and Goodell has ruined his reputation with his proclamations of participation in a bounty program which has hurt his endorsement opportunities.

While Vilma may have a claim that Goodell is being biased and unfair, however, under the terms that they negotiated, the players gave Goodell all this power and are now pouting that he’s flexing his muscles.

The players had the chance to even the playing field by negotiating that an independent third party judges all appeals. Instead they negotiated less days in pads during training camp. This is what the players have to deal with for the next 10 years, Roger Goodell as the prosecutor, judge and jury.

H/T Fox Sports