Congressman says Doping Case against Lance Armstrong is “Strained at Best”

Wisconsin Congressman James Sensenbrenner has voiced his opinion on the current U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) case against Lance Armstrong, claiming the case is “strained at best”. Congressman have a weird way of paying attention to things that have no relation to the country’s deficit, rising tuition cost or the fact that gas prices are crippling Americans pockets and place more focus on sports related matters that in the grand scheme don’t really matter.

That’s not all the Sensenbrenner had to say;

USADA seeks to strip Armstrong of his achievements and the substantial winnings that accompanied them without offering him even basic due process.”

While it is the role of the three branches to have a checks and balance system to keep everyone in order, this seems to be a waste of time on all levels. Instead of focusing on a case against someone who by all accounts doesn’t matter to the everyday lives and quality of life to many Americans it would seem as there would be some other fight Sensenbrenner could pick up that would have a much more significant impact.

The USADA CEO Travis Tygart responded to the congressman’s by reiterating that their job is to keep clean and maintain a level playing field.

“We are well aware of his popularity and the admirers he has on Capitol Hill and elsewhere, but our responsibility is to clean athletes who demand that USADA protect their right to a level playing field by eradicating drug use from sport”

While both Congressman Sensenbrenner and the USADA have a noble cause they’re both fighting for, it seems there are other issues they could be fighting that would be in the end more important.

What seems to be driving this agenda is people want to either believe the message that Lance Armstrong stands for in which a man could beat cancer and come back and rise to the top of his sport and be an inspiration to anyone who has ever had a bout with cancer. Or you want to believe that in a sport full of cheaters that he couldn’t be the only angel living among a culture full of devilish temptations.

Whatever the outcome of this case, hopefully the government will pursue a cause that’s rooted in health prevention and stop wasting our money on chasing athletes that cheat.

Story Courtesy of USA Today