Contribute to Sports Journalism Scholarship Fund For Theater Shooting Victim Jessica Redfield

I feel so bad for all the victims of the Batman Theater shootings, but the story Jessica Redfield especially saddens me.

While I did not know her personally, she was one of us. What I mean by that is she was someone who got their start in media in a non traditional way.

She worked with blogs and social media to break into journalism. She work very hard for opportunities and had done such wonderful work it was just a matter of time before she broke into the mainstream media.

She walked into that movie theater Tweeting the same way I did when I walked into mine here in Saint Louis. So, sad that someone with so much potential life had to be ended so soon. A scholarship fund has been started in her honor and I hope you can contribute whatever you can.

Jessica Ghawi, also known as @JessicaRedField on Twitter, was one of the victims of the devastating theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Ghawi, 24, had moved to Colorado in order to further pursue her dream of becoming a sports reporter / sports journalist. She shared an immense love of the sport of hockey – a feeling that you most likely share if you’re visiting this site.

The Jessica RedField Sports Journalism Fund has been created to assist another aspiring sports reporter through school in Jessica’s name.

According to the site, this is the official fund on behalf of Jessica’s family. Jessica worked several jobs and had recently moved to Colorado to save money in order to continue to pursue her dream of sports reporting. Now you can donate and help another aspiring reporter take a step towards their dream by making a donation.

You can donate here

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  • I would prefer to give my money to help a black victim. Black people are killed everyday for no reason. I’m still not sure why this white woman’s story is on BLACKSportsonline.

    • I hope you’re joking…

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