Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett Says Dez Bryant Needs Counseling

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo isn’t only one throwing his support behind wide receiver Dez Bryant after his latest incident involving his mother.

Head coach Jason Garrett said at practice today that he and the team will support Bryant and his family and suggested they get counseling.

Garrett was at practice Wednesday and he said it was ”premature” to think about taking disciplinary action against Bryant, who was arrested last week for allegedly attacking his mother during an argument. He says the team is still collecting information about what happened.

Though Garrett did not confirm that Bryant or any member of his family was seeking counseling, he said the Cowboys organization ”believes in counseling for people who need it.”

Counseling does sounds like a for both Bryant and his mother. We don’t know all the details about their relationship but there are obviously some issues going on between them. Maybe a third party, or professional, can help get them through those issues.