Daunte Culpepper Sort of Announces Retirement

If you recall Kordell Stewart just announced his retirement a couple of months ago even though he hadn’t played in 7 years, so in the back of these guys minds they think they can still play.

Besides a horrific knee injury, Daunte was never the same once Randy Moss left the building. He wasn’t anyone’s radar, but just in case you were wondering, he thinks he is done.

Culpepper, who retired in 2008 and later changed his mind and joined the Lions, hasn’t formally called it quits.  Participating in the first Orlando Youth Football Clinic, Culpepper came close to making it official.

“As far as me playing, I think I am done,” Culpepper said, via Craig Castille of the Orlando Sentinel. “That part of my book is closed.  The next chapter is, I have kids and I will be coaching them.

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