Dennis Rodman Writing a Children’s Book: “Dennis The Wild Bull”

According to SI Hot Clicks, Rodman has been tabbed to write a children’s book. Personally, I think his father should have been the one to write the book since he is the one with the 29 kids.

But, I digress….

Noted author, and NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman, is getting back into the book-writing business, and this time has an offering for children. Prepare the little ones for “Dennis the Wild Bull”: “After going through his latest divorce and having to spend time away from his children as a result, Dennis has now done something many people never thought would ever happen.

He’s written a children’s book which he’s dedicating to his children, with the intent to relay a positive message to our countries youth and to his own children. Rodman is moving forward in a postive way and has recently connected with his estranged father as well.