Deron Williams’ Picture of Team USA Makes Anthony Davis Look Demonic


Deron Williams Instagram’d a picture of Team USA basketball having a casual dinner, but bad lighting and glowing eyes made poor Anthony Davis looks like a Romulan. It has to be awesome for him getting to play and hang out with guys he was watching on TV 2 years ago, but you have to imagine Williams sent this picture fully cognizant of the fact that the rookie glowed looked demonic. Kevin Love has the glowing eyes as well, but he doesn’t have the Unibrow to go with it.

You have to expect that the veterans are having some fun with the kid, and he has shown that he embraces his “alternative attractiveness”, so maybe this will be a nice preparation for all the trash talk he will endure.

On another note, newest Laker Steve Nash tweeted the following.

Nash doesn’t have faith in team Canada led by World Champion Joel Anthony?


  1. i dont think canada qualified for the olympics. so i guess steve nash doesn’t have anyone to root for besides usa.

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