Detroit Lions Are The Joke Of The Sports Community



Following the cut of Aaron Berry, you can’t deny that the Detroit Lions offseason is starting to look like their 2008 0-16 football season. Laughable and sad. Their players feel like they are the “laughingstock”:

Tough out in these Detroit streets. Players need to listen to Chad Johnson and get some smart people around them. I honestly believe these players have too much money and not enough advisors around them, keeping them grounded. Parents of these players have to be embarrassed.

2 thoughts on “Detroit Lions Are The Joke Of The Sports Community

  • With all the attenion my lions have gotten, they still arent the worse… the vikings have had more arrest, What has put the complete focus on the Leos is the on the field issues as well.

    It is imperative that they leave all that behavior before they get to Allen Park for training camp

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