Dez Bryant Says He is Faster, Stronger and Quicker; Says Cowboys Ready to Go

Dez Bryant has been treated like a #1 receiver in Dallas since he was drafted, but his production hasn’t warranted that title.

He has made more news off the field for his various debts and altercations in the clubs than on the field.

In his 3rd year there needs to be less talking and more production. For his part he says he has worked hard in the offseason and you will see a new and improved Bryant.

Bryant told the Dallas Morning News he’s “a lot stronger” than he was before, and that working with Cowboys strength coach Mike Woicik has made a big difference.

“It affected me big time,” Bryant said. “I feel much quicker. I’m coming out of my breaks faster. I got in shape real quick. I know all the other guys have gone through the same workouts, so I’m pretty sure they feel the same way. I feel like the team is just really ready to go. I’m not going to predict anything, but I know for a fact that we’re ready to go.”

The Cowboys always say they are ready to go, but with only one playoff win since Emmitt Smith was spitting game to Pam Oliver, their words don’t mean much, we will see what happens when they get on the field.

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