Miami Dolphins Players Fined $10,000 if They Download Angry Birds to Team iPad

You KNOW players are making too much money, when the owner can fine you $10,000 for downloading a game. It is 2012 and with the world depending on technology and everything going digital, it should come as no surprise that the Miami Dolphins supplied their players with iPads to further enhance their team experience.  Players will have access to game film as soon as 2 1/2 hours after, upload game plans, schemes and even alarms. No more missed meetings.

Details from Jeff Darlington of,

“We went from a playbook that was five inches thick to a thin iPad,” Tannehill said. “It’s a lot easier to carry around and study anywhere. Plus, when it comes to film, you can watch it on the plane, take it to your house, wherever. You don’t have to be at the facility.They gave us a long list of things you’re not supposed to do,” Tannehill said. “Forgetting to bring it to a team meeting will cost you … $10,000. Downloading Angry Birds will cost you … $10,000.”

I think the Dolphins did an amazing job with this. These players are grown men and if they are that addicted to a game or twitter that they have to downloaded on every piece of technology they might have a problem.

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  • Why use crappy Apple products? Terrible…

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